Single-cell Superusers Meeting: Dr. Colt Egelston and Dr. Weihua Guo (City of Hope)

Dr. Colt Egelston and Dr. Weihua Guo (City of Hope) present at the single-cell superusers meeting about immuno-oncology, breast cancer, and signatures of T cell exhaustion.
Talk title: Utilization of single-cell transcriptomics to interrogate immune cell composition in clinical tumor samples
Single-cell RNA sequencing technologies offer unique and powerful solutions towards greater understanding of cellular biology. Here we will discuss implementation of a successful single-cell RNA sequencing analysis pipeline for evaluation of clinical patient samples. We will discuss recent advances in understanding composition and function of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes from clinical patient samples at the City of Hope using our current approaches. Finally, we will discuss harnessing single-cell transcriptomic derived data towards evaluating responders in immunotherapy-based clinical trials and designing new immunotherapy approaches via advanced computational approaches.