We are dedicated to advancing single-cell profiling and cell engineering technologies, as well as promoting the efforts of our team and their collaborators in the Caltech community.

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Single cell profiling of capillary blood enables out of clinic human immunity studies

Tatyana Dobreva, David Brown, Jong Hwee Park & Matt Thomson

Dissecting heterogeneous cell-populations across signaling and disease conditions with PopAlign

Sisi Chen, Jong H. Park, Paul Rivaud, Emeric Charles, John Haliburton, Flavia Pichiorri, Matt Thomson

Bimodal function of chromatin remodeler Hmga1 in neural crest induction and Wnt-dependent emigration

Shashank Gandhi, Erica J Hutchins, Krystyna Maruszko, Jong H Park, Matthew Thomson, Marianne E Bronner

Designing signaling environments to steer transcriptional diversity in neural progenitor cell populations

Jong H. Park, Tiffany Tsou, Paul Rivaud, Matt Thomson, Sisi Chen

Highly Multiplexed Single-Cell RNA-seq for Defining Cell Population and Transcriptional Spaces

Jase Gehring, Jong Hwee Park, Sisi Chen, Matthew Thomson, Lior Pachter

Active Learning of Spin Network Models

Jialong Jiang, David A. Sivak, Matt Thomson

Integrated measurement of intracellular proteins and transcripts in single cells

Alexander M. Xu, Qianhe Liu, Kaitlyn L. Takata, Sarah Jeoung, Yapeng Su, Igor Antoshechkin, Sisi Chen, Matthew Thomson, James R. Heath